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Our Installation Process

    • Estimates can be scheduled by phone at (586) 777-6783

    • Our payment terms are normally 100% upon completion, meaning you do not pay us until the work has been completed and you have been shown the system and its operating procedures.

    • We accept: Check / Cash / Visa / MasterCard

The following segment describes the procedure once you have contacted our office to inquire about an underground lawn sprinkler system. Some details on why and what should be considered are also listed. We bid not only to earn the installation of your underground lawn sprinkler system, but to earn your trust and satisfaction in order to keep you as a satisfied customer year after year!

    1. A convenient day and time will be arranged with you and our company to come out and do the actual measure up.
    2. During the appointment, we will first ask if you have any specific concerns or problem areas that should be addressed.
    3. After this, we will proceed with the measure up and make any notations on areas we feel may be of some concern or need special watering attention.
    4. A pressure / flow gauge reading will be taken to determine water volume, as well as water pressure that is entering the home. Certain situations can take place that deplete the volume of water your home is receiving. This reading determines the GPM (gallons per minute) each zone or section should not exceed.
    5. Once the outside has been measured, we would then need to enter the basement to review the necessary plumbing work. Usually this takes place near the water meter location.
    6. Next, the timer location will be discussed. Normally it can be installed either in the garage or the basement.
    7. A brief review on the basics that take place during the installation would be discussed. It would include such topics as:

      • Where the water would exit the basement and into the city approved backflow unit (vacuum breaker) and then into the ground. This is important because this bell shape brass unit can be somewhat unsightly if installed at a main focal point of the home.

      • A general description on the design of the system and how the timer, the master valve, zone valves and the various sprinkler heads operate.

      • We will leave with you, brochures on the products we feel that would best suite your watering needs
      • A few days later by mail, you will receive in duplicate a typed written and easy to read proposal stating the price, the warranties, the number of sprinkler heads and the number of zone valves required to install your system. No on the spot sales pressure. If you choose to go with our company, simply sign and return one of the copies. In receipt of the signed proposal, you will be contacted by our office to set up an installation date.

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