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Fall Winterization Info

In September, a notice is sent out to each customer reminding them to call for their appointment for the fall winterization. We do have an automatic winterizing list in which we contact the customer. If you would like to be added to this list, please notify our office.

Fall Winterization Procedure

  1. Adjusting valves on pressure type vacuum breaker unit on outside of house to proper winterization positions.
  2. Shutting off main water supply valve to system.
  3. Connecting air line hose from our air compressor to a connection usually located near the outside vacuum breaker unit which is connected into the mainline of the system.We then turn on each zone to the system, pumping compressed air through each zone which blows and clears each zone of water.
  4. During this process, we take note of any problems that we may find with the system. The problems then would be told to the customer and also noted on a repair list. The list would be referred to in the spring for repairs needed.
  5. When the winterizing of the system is complete, we then put the timer in the “OFF” position. We also leave any drain connections on or near the vacuum breaker unit open during the winter months for additional precautions to prevent winter freeze damage.

NOTE: There are times when there are no open connections to the mainline on outside of house/building for us to hook up our airline. In this case, we may have to run an airline into the basement and connect to a mainline fitting on the system.

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