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Timers We Use

Normally located in the basement or garage, the timer controls the amount of minutes each station runs for, which days of the week to water and the time to begin the watering cycle. With their built in water saving features and available add on sensor units these timers become more than just a convenience, they become the key to a water efficient lawn sprinkler system! The following three timers: Hunter Pro C Series, Rain Bird ESP Series and Weather-matic Smartline Series are reliable, contain many of the same water saving features and also have their own unique features.  Each timer is capable of adding possibly one of the most water efficient products available, the weather station upgrade option.  Your particular watering needs will determine which timer is best for you. Explore more product details below…

Hunter Pro-C Series

The building block of Hunter’s water efficient residential/light commercial timers.

  • Expands from 3 zones to 15 zones
  • Excepts various sensors including their weather station
  • Smart port expansion feature
  • Forward and reverse zone advancement ability

Rain Bird ESP Series

Their long time work horse, but now also expandable.

  • Expands from 4 zones to 13 zones
  • Excepts various sensors including their weather station
  • One station override of Rain Sensor to allow watering under canopies and overhangs where rainfall normally does not reach
  • Possibly the easiest to operate (it’s named Extra Simple Programming)

Weather-matic Smartline Series

The company to first introduce the Rain-Sensor and now their wireless weather station.

  • Expands from 4 zones to 16 zones
  • Excepts various sensors, including their weather station
  • Seasonal adjustment per month feature


At times, because of limited space to install the timer, or the number of zones needed exceeds the capacity of these timers, then similar versions are used. All produced by the same three manufacturers.

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