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Water Efficient Products We Use

Many contractors install name brand products that have standard water saving features.  Unfortunately to reduce bid cost, they do not invest the time to use the full range of these water saving features. We use several water saving products that can significantly lower the operation cost of your system.  Some, although a little more costly to us, are used as our companies standard installation and repair products.  The others are offered as installation options and service upgrades.

Listed below, you will find the products that make up a sprinkler system. We have added a brief description of each product we use. Please click the “Learn More” button below the product description to explore the FULL details of each product!


Normally located in the basement or garage, the timer controls the amount of minutes each station runs for, which days of the week to water and the time to begin the watering cycle. Please click below to learn more…

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A variety of sensors are available that can detect rain, wind, water flow and much more. These sensors send a signal to the timer to shut down or calibrate the sprinkler system to it’s highest water saving efficiency! Please click below to learn more…

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Electric Valves

Electric master and zone valves receive a signal from the timer to release water to specific sections of the property. This allows proper watering times to be accomplished based on the type of sprinklers used and the amount of water needed for that particular area of the yard. Please click below to learn more…

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Gear Rotor Heads

A quiet pop up style rotating sprinkler used to water open areas approximately 18 feet and larger. The gear rotor can be very water efficient and versatile when properly installed. Please click below to learn more…

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Mist Heads

A quite stationary pop up style mist sprinkler used to water smaller and more intricate areas of the yard. Usually a good choice for watering various planting beds. Please click below to learn more…

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Drip Irrigation

A highly efficient way to water hanging baskets, flower pots, window planters and certain types of planting beds. Please click below to learn more…

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