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Gear Rotors We Use

A quiet pop up style rotating sprinkler used to water open areas larger than 15 feet. The gear rotor can be very water efficient and versatile when properly installed. We primarily use Hunter brand gear rotors. The reliability and versatility throughout their entire line of gear rotors benefit both the contractor and the homeowner. Gear rotors produced by the better manufacturers are similar in performance and durability. Their basic water efficiency comes from the distribution of their nozzles and the reliability of their seals. Their maximized water efficiency comes from the contractors themselves. By spending the extra time required to use their additional features such as check valves and interchangeable nozzles, the water savings can easily be equivalent to empting and filling your hot water tank several times a week.

Water Saving Example:

Most gear rotors come with the ability to change nozzles so you can adapt to the various watering needs of each job. To reduce bid cost many contractors use the standard factory installed 3 gallon per minute (GPM) nozzle in every gear rotor they install. No matter what circle pattern they cover or distance they need to shoot. Example on how this works: 3 gear rotors on a section, two cover a half circle pattern and one covers a quarter circle pattern. Each sprinkler uses 3 GPM (standard factory installed nozzle) which equals 9 GPM total for that section. Gear rotors normally water for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days per week. Using the minimum 20 minutes and 3 days per week the section distributed 540 gallons of water (9 GPM x 20 minutes x 3 days). Since the quarter circle head travels less distance to complete its pattern, twice the amount of water was distributed in that area versus the half circle area. By taking the time to install the proper 1.8 GPM nozzle our quarter circle head would distribute 108 gallons of water not like their 180 gallons of water. That’s 72 gallons of water saved on just that one section of your system for just that week!
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Hunter Gear Rotor

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